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Your gift could be the difference between an individual carrying out life-threatening thoughts or living life with dignity.

It’s easy for you to make a lifesaving difference. $150 can provide an individual with 3 group mentoring sessions - which changes thoughts and saves lives.

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The Good With Me Foundation is designated as a 501(c)(3) corporation by the IRS as a Public Charity 509(a)(2).

Thank you for saving my life...

"I have to personally thank you for saving my life and guiding me in a better direction than I was headed in. Please continue to keep bringing good and hope into this world so others can see their true value in life and who they can become."

Bret Cochran

New Orleans, LA


Why aren't people taught the things you teach earlier on in life...

"Why aren't people taught the things you teach about in [the] group earlier on in life for everybody like in 5th grade or something. I believe if this did take place earlier on in life most people wouldn't have the problems that they deal with and not know how to cope with it. And they wouldn't let themselves self-destruct."

Courtney D.


This message should be on a national stage...

Dr. Noll has started a movement that teaches people a simple approach to being happy from the inside out, and how that can create wellness from within.

I have been successful,  but I am finally happy...  

Jay  Loeffler -

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Valpak