Change a thought.

Save a life.

We are a non-profit global humanitarian movement dedicated to saving lives by changing thoughts. We empower all people to recognize their value by providing a simple, practical approach to improve quality of life, regardless of circumstances.

Every Life Has Value

Thank you for saving my life

"I have to personally thank you for saving my life and guiding me in a better direction than I was headed in. Please continue to keep bringing good and hope into this world so others can see their true value in life and who they can become."

Bret Cochran

New Orleans, LA

Picture was taken when the true change began to happen

"I want to thank you for giving me the gift I can share with everyone. To hear the people around me tell me and see the change [in me] is the most amazing gift anyone has been able to give me and I continue to pass it on and I see it working in others that I've shared it with."

Simone Yager

St. Petersburg, FL

This mission is one that should be spread around the world...

"The heightened state of anxiety, fear and uncertainty that has been exasperated in the past year, makes the principles and guidelines for being Good With Me more relevant and necessary than ever. Dr. Noll has started a movement that teaches people a simple approach to being happy from the inside out, and how that can create wellness from within. I joined the board in support of this mission as I feel it is one that should be spread around the world in support of inner happiness and personal contentment."

Jay  Loeffler

Sr. Vice President of National Accounts for Valpak and SKULocal

Stay Up  to Date on all of the Latest "Good With Me" News and Events


Stay Up  to Date on all of the Latest "Good With Me" News and Events